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Posted by on Mar 19, 2010 in Culture, Telugu, Telugu Nadu, TG Roundup

Jaya Jayahe Telangana Song

I am not sure if there are different versions or different songs, but came across this one in Youtube. I watched it completely and liked it for following reasons.

  • lyric
  • photographs (The crew did capture some real moments of people)
  • Music (Plain and simple)

I did not like the part where they show people drinking ‘Kallu’ at 4:33.

I did not like the lyric when singer says ‘గోదావరి కృష్ణమ్మలు మన బీళ్ళకు మల్లాలి’. This song is supposed to explain the pride of Telangana.

Enjoy and leave a comment.


  1. sorry sri, I couldn’t resist replying. I weigh is 220 lb and now realized the reason, I never wasted any food that inludes milk. 🙂

  2. Sri, I consider myself as a common man. Yes, I liked the song, lyric and pictures and did not like some part of it. I don’t think I need to be for telangana to appreciate music.

    • Kanaka/Mohan garu,
      I like both of your postings and regular reader and I am myself a fan of music…but this one, somehow I cannot agree. There are all sorts of messages in the music and one have to be careful. We have pretty good songs prompting peoples war group agenda or separatist movements else where in India too. Wouldn’t we avoid a glass of milk if there is just a small fly in it ? I do not want to spoil your day but I respectfully disagree.

  3. Kanaka ByRaju garu,

    I am surprised at your naivety of liking the song because of lyric, music etc., while there is strong and clear message in this message for separation of state. If you are for Telangana, you can openly come up rather than promote this video in this site.

    • Sri garu,

      That video doesn’t promote any hatred. So, it is alright to be posted here. Even if it does promote hatred, it still has a place here ‘caue we want to call them on their hatred.

      I did not know of its existence before KP posted it. If nothing else, it is informative.

  4. Kanaka prasad garu, just like you said, the music is great and the pics. I was wondering what dam it is that they show. Sriram Sagar aa ?