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Posted by on Mar 19, 2010 in Culture, Songs, Telugu, TG Roundup

Chandamama Ravayya Sung by People of Various Nations

Chandamama Chandamama Ravayya (not Chandamama Rave!) is some song composed in Telugu which they call it a folk tune from Chennai. But this was when there was much more unity among Telugu people and people in general.
The aim of this group, Playing for Change, is to use music as a means of connecting people world over. Let’s first hope for unity among Telugu people !!

There were more than 25 such attempts made and all of them can be found here:

All of them have musicians from South America, Africa, Middle-East, Europe, Asia, and other places.


  1. Very nice

  2. its awesome song with nice tune!!! reminded me old days :-)..

  3. Sandeep, touche!

  4. Amazing Sandeep. Don’t have words to explain my Joy. Thanks alot.