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Mohana Muralidhar, (Mohan)

I am an associate professor of civil engineering by trade and 100% pure Gongura Gulute by birth. I believe in “survival of the fittest” mantra, but my philosophy is “live and let live.” I have a passion for Telugu and Telugu melodies. I have a lot of curiosity to learn new things. I have been participating on bulletin boards and blogs on the subject of economy and stock market since 1995. I read a lot about a lot of subjects. Economy and stock markets and Telugu literature and Telugu history are my latest interests.

I helped bring TeluguOne Radio TORI from concept to reality. I have been conducting Mohana Muralee GaanaLahari on TORI since February 2007. Perhaps this TeluGlobe is a web-version of MMGL with one major difference: TeluGlobe is for all Guluties by many Guluties. TeluGlobe is a combination of things meant for the Global Gulties to hang out, learn, and have fun. Here, we will not be afraid of talking about tough issues, taboo issues – whatever. Did I mention, fun?

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Chakravarthy Nalamotu

My native place is a small village in the district of Nalgonda in the Nizam Telangana region. After finishing my bachelor’s degree in 1993, I came to the United States in pursuit of higher education. I obtained my master’s degree from the University of Hawaii and business degree from the Columbia University. I currently live with my wife and two children in New York.

Writing is a hobby of mine, though I do not write for a living. In the past, I wrote articles for international students at the University of Hawaii. Later on, at the Columbia Business School, I wrote for the school newspaper Bottom Line. I have also written articles for the A.P. state BJP’s paper Jan Sandesh. I now occasionally write notes on Facebook on conservative viewpoints.

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Kanaka Prasad Byraju

I am a native of Chittoor District, and I grew up in Prakasam District. I am an IT professional in my day job. I want to see things from a different angle. My passion for photography and my job as a professional photographer is helping me to do so. I am posting on TeluGlobe for some good-natured fun. Enjoy your stay on TeluGlobe.

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పుట్టింది పచ్చిమ గోదావరి జిల్లా తణుకు దగ్గర కాకరపర్రు కుగ్రామం. నేను 10  వ తరగతి వరకు జిల్లా పరిషత్ స్కూల్ లో చదివాను. ఆ తరువాత చదువంతా విజయవాడ , మద్రాసు పట్టణాలలో చదివాను. నాన్న గారు బిజినెస్ ఐనప్పటికీ ఆ బిజినెస్ మీద ఆసక్తి లేక చదువుకుని నాకాళ్ళమీద నేను నిలబడాలని తపనతో ఏం . సి . ఏ  చదివి , సన్ మైక్రో సిస్టమ్స్ లో  ఊద్యోగం సంపాదించి కంపెనీ ద్వార అమెరికా వొచ్హాను. నీను బ్లాగ్స్ రాస్తాను చదువుతాను, సమాజం లో సమస్యలు , టెక్నాలజీ మీద బ్లాగ్స్ రాస్తాను , క్రికెట్ కూడా ఆడేవాడిని. రాజకేయాల మీద ఆసక్తి తక్కువ కానీ చదువుతాను, చర్చిస్తాను. ఎక్కడైనా  అన్యాయం జరుగుతుంటే తట్టుకోలేను నా వొంతు నేను సహాయం చేస్తాను న్యాయం జరగడానికి. జీవితం లో నవ్వుకూడా వోకభాగం అని నమ్మినవాడిని అందుకునే అందరిని నవ్వించడానికి ప్రయత్నిస్తాను.

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Raj Vedula

I was born and brought up in Vizag and had the luxury of being exposed to Telugu literature through my grandparents. My grandmother was a descendent of the Diwakarla kavulu and enjoyed reading the Ramayanam and the Bhagavatam day in and day out just to gather newer meanings. This sparked an interest in me at a younger age but I was also driven by the passion to be “Technical” and gathered an Engineering degree and with a twist of things ended up in IT after a degree in MSEE.

My philosophy in life is to not question the “why” but do the “what,” which is required with a hope that the rest will follow. I enjoy listening to pravachanaalu especially by Sri Chaganti and also like blogging. If I had the time or the memory, I would like to have learned all the poems in Bhagavatam but I plan on getting there sometime. I am an ardent follower of Cricket in all forms, college football, NFL, NBA and so on.  Music is therapeutic to me and currently learning the piano which is another childhood dream. My wife is a good singer and my daughter who is 20 months competes with me in playing the music.

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Bhanu Prakash Gouda

I am an electronics engineer by profession.Originally from Mahaboob Nagar, lived in Jagtial educated in Bhimavaram and consider myself to be a proud “Telugu”. Came to the states a decade back for working in the IT industry. Currently working in DC area in federal government IT sector.My hobbies are reading business magazines, Keeping on top of technology and automobiles (Cars), Watching Cricket , Playing Tennis, Swimming and Cooking (YES I CAN COOK). I love listening to Telugu, Hindi and English songs. I am passionate about the learning new languages (not the computer languages). I can converse fluently in Telugu,Hindi , English, can understand Sanskrit for a good part and can speak a bit of Spanish too. Also in my spare time I teach kids Hindi,Shlokas and Yoga in Hindu Mandir Adelphi,MD. I live in Beltsville, MD with my wife and two daughters (age 7 and 4).

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Saradhi Motamarri

I am a Civil/ Transportation Systems Engineer by education, and have been in IT Industry since completing post graduation in 1985. As I look at holistically, I always find it hard to distinguish which is my discipline and which is not! I currently live in Sydney, Australia, and have lived in Singapore for long. I have a passion for Telugu, literature, music, history, of all, to enunciate our collective past, and wishfully look that we understand these lessons, and create a better place for everyone to live (‘vasudaika kutumbham’), a world where there are no locks and keys!

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Suguna Narayan

I am the daughter of first-generation Indian immigrants from Andhra Pradesh.  I was born and brought up in the United States, but my parents were persistent in teaching me about Telugu culture during my childhood.  When I was in kindergarten, I resisted speaking Telugu and am glad that my parents prevailed. I now consider myself fortunate to be able to take the best from both Indian culture and American culture.  I am bilingual, and I feel a strong sense of pride in both my Indian heritage and my American upbringing.  I am currently going to graduate school, and I hope to become a scientist.

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Sandeep Mudigonda

I was born and brought up in Hyderabad, went to college in Chennai and am a grad student in US. I came across TORI while looking for some nice (old) Telugu paatalu. In the process I got hooked to MMGL in the past few months, which offers more than just those melodies.

I consider myself a jack-of-all-trades. My interests vary from Carnatic music, soccer, (damaged a few shins and grins practicing the two :)) various social and economic issues both in India and US and the associated political interplays, history of world and cultures, languages in general and Telugu in particular, religion and it’s spiritual dimension and health and fitness, etc,. So you’ll see a mix of various things in stuff that I’ll post. Needless to say my analysis, if any, will be that of a novice. I hope Teluglobe will help me and all guluties have fun and grow more aware on a personal and social level.

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