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I believe that all of us will benefit from free-exchange of ideas. However, when free-speech is abused, it has negative impacts. I would like for posters on TeluGlobe to adhere to the following guidelines:

Article Writers:

  1. As far as possible make the article about the ISSUE you are talking about.
  2. All politicians, all corporations, and MOST of the people in the news are fair game for criticism.
  3. Public life of celebrities is also fair game – but in most cases discussing about their lives doesn’t serve any useful purpose.
  4. Relatives, friends and acquaintances of people in the news are NOT a fair game.
  5. No foul language – unless you are quoting somebody in the news.

Comment posters:

  1. Stick your criticism with the ISSUE at hand.
  2. No foul language. I repeat – no foul language.
  3. You can always question the writer’s intent. But, no personal attacks on the article writers. What constitutes a personal attack? Any accusation that is not connected to the issue at hand. For example, incriminating comments about the writers’ birth (sex, age, caste, religion, race, place of birth, handicaps, etc.).
  4. Absolutely, positively – no attacks on the kith and kin of the writers.

The editors off this blog reserve the right to edit or remove anything that violates these guidelines.

If you are interested in contributing on TeluGlobe, or want to contact us for any other reason, please email to:; or