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Posted by on Feb 11, 2010 in TG Roundup

Welcome, Bhanu Prakash

I know I should be doing this every time we have a new contributor joins TeluGlobe (I promise that I will do this more regularly here after.)

I welcome Bhanu Prakash garu to the pool of TeluGlobe. Here is a small auto-blurb on Bhanu Prakash by Bhanu Prakash.

I am an electronics engineer by education. Originally from Mahaboob Nagar, lived in Jagtial educated in Bhimavaram and consider myself to be a proud “Telugu.” Came to the States a decade back for working in the IT industry. Currently working in the DC area in the federal government IT sector.My hobbies are reading business magazines, keeping on top of technology and automobiles (cars), watching cricket , playing tennis, swimming and cooking (YES I CAN COOK). I love listening to Telugu, Hindi and English songs. I am passionate about the learning new languages (not computer languages). I can converse fluently in Telugu, Hindi, and English. I can understand Sanskrit for a good part and speak a bit of Spanish too. Also in my spare time I teach kids Hindi, slokas and yoga in Hindu Mandir Adelphi, MD. I live in Beltsville, MD with my wife and two daughters (age 7 and 4).

Welcome, Bhanu Prakash.

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