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Posted by on Feb 24, 2010 in TG Roundup

Toyota’s New 2011 Sienna

Toyata in the midst of the recall mess announced their new minivan. I know most of us either love or hate the “minivan”. Some folks can’t stand it because of the family look. And others cannot live without the utilities it will provide. Minivans are the best automobiles for any parents with kids. You can carry 8 passengers with luggage. They are fast. They offer modern comforts like DVD entertainment. They are fuel efficient compared to similar trucks.You can load sofas , beds and wood into its Airbus like fuselage. Speaking of Airbus and airplanes , I would like to share this cool feature Toyota introduced in the 2011 model.

Check it out at the 40th second mark in the below video.

Impressed ? IMO its probably the best “Automobile” out there that does multiple things.Also Toyota this time is adding a 4 cylinder one.

Any new minivan buyers , share your thoughts. comment away.
Don’t worry Honda fans , an all new 2011 Odyssey is on its way. I will post more details about it later.


  1. the best resource for auto research is I always used this site for my car/van purchases. Especially the new car report gives you very detailed view of prising. I own a 2008 odyssey and we love every moment in it.

  2. Hi THere,

    Did you do any research on Nissan Quest minivan? I own 2008 model and like to know the pros and cons of it comapared to Hondas and Toyotas minivan.


    • Check the following sites

      Pros on the Quest are a smooth V6 engine that is rated the best by wardsauto.For the most part Nissan engines plus transmission combo is better than Honda or Toyota. The ride and pull (torque) are fantastic on Nissan. Turn on the A/C on a Honda or Toyota , you notice load on the engine. The RPM goes a little bit up. On the Quest no such thing , the engine barely sweats when A/C is put on. I used to drive a Maxima which is the same engine as Quest. I love the engine.

      Cons are Quest’s mileage is bit low compared to Honda and Toyota. The back trunk/well is smaller than Toyota / Honda. The middle seats fold down, but not really flat. Overall the usability / utility falls behind Honda/Toyota.

      I have a 2006 Honda Odyssey. I gave a serious thought to Quest while making my purchase decision.