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Posted by on Sep 2, 2010 in Mobile, TG Roundup

The new Samsung Android Galaxy Tablet

Folks this year is going to be the “Tablet” year i.e. you will see a boat load of these sold during the Thanksgiving to Christmas time. We all know about iPad.ย  Google is competing with Apple in this market segment with its Android operating system. The issue with Android tablets is , the hardware. Few companies released poorly designed Android tablets. Samsung is entering this market with its Galaxy. This looks to be the legit competitor to the iPad.

Check the Video. More details are at


  1. finally bought ipad today and been playing. It’s a really nice for kids.

    • Oh well,
      Can you watch videos on teluglobe ? boohoo.
      The Android 2.2 is sweet. It lets you watch flash videos.

      I am back to Pre after a joy ride with Evo ( got the mail rebate ๐Ÿ™‚ ).

      • “Got the mail rebate.”

        I see a Shopping Subbarao in you! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Mohan garu,
          I am not quite there yet :).
          I guess I deserve 100 bucks mail in rebate for spending $ 3800.00 on my Sprint wireless plans for the past two and half years!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oracle sues Google over Android and Java….. So Google might be problem in their Android road map.

    • Venkat garu,
      I highly doubt Google will have any issues with that lawsuit. There are many reasons behind that lawsuit. Oracle chairman and Apple Chairman are buddies. If Oracle didn’t buy Sun , then nothing could have happened. Even if Google looses the fight , they have enough money to pay. Android at this point is just becoming like Windows in PC business.

      • Bhanu garu,
        It is not that simple as you said. It is not for money. We need to understand the strategy behind that.
        Lets wait and see.

        • Venkat garu,

          Sure we shall see. My hunch is nothing will happen to Android, the stakes are high. Its not just not about Google, its about open handset alliance.

          Though I am not a JAVA expert, I can understand programming , OS and patents. Below are the actual infringements. Which IMO are negotiable and defensible especially when you have deep pockets like Google. Though , I agree with you , anything can happen.

          1.Protection domains to provide security in a computer system.

          2.Controlling access through a resource.

          3.Method and apparatus for preprocessing and packaging class files.

          4.System and method for dynamic preloading of classes through memory space cloning of a master runtime system process.

          5.Method and apparatus for resolving data references in genarate code.

          6.Interpreting functions utilizing a hybrid of virtual and native machine instructions.

          7.Method and system for performing static initialization.

  3. btw, I’m buying ipad for kids and will wait for webos tablet for myself. I don’t think neither ios 4 nor android are match for webos. I’m still with palm pre! Haha..

    • KP garu,
      I am with Palm. Have you seen the WebOS 2.0 ? I am thrilled with the features. A WebOS tablet with Flash is the be all end all tablet. I am patiently waiting for the new phone and Tablet.

      iPad is better product than Galaxy, however the new Android Froyo 2.2 is killer. Flash videos play like butter. Galaxy, from what I heard will be a better browsing device than iPad. I thought of buyin iPad for my parents, but then lack of flash video means , they cannot watch the videos on bbc or cnn ..or on million other sites. Downloading apps is beyond their reach. For all its greatness, iPad is a flawed product when it comes to browsing the internets.

      • And I am sure the kids will love the iPad. The games are super.

  4. unless there is some one comes out with solid hardwear like ipad, it’s not going to be successful. I’m actually buying an ipad today. ๐Ÿ™‚