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Posted by on Apr 27, 2010 in TG Roundup

Tella Chokka Smruthi (The Code of White Collar)

Financial Crisis, Meltdown, Free Market, Reform, Reward, ROI, Financial Markets, Profit, Market Capitalisation etc., etc., are the catch words of the day.

Recently there was a hot discussion on Free Market on MMGL too.

This is a lyric written at the backdrop of market’s collapse over the past one decade, hurt by the fact that only common man got hurt in the end chasing the virtual butterflies created by financial alchemists who can create Gold from ash.

In Sanskrit ‘Smruthi’ closely means code of conduct. This kavita exposes the underlying, unspoken truth or principle on which markets operate. Hope you will enjoy. Though the intent is to think!


  1. But beware, economics and efficiency comes first in free markets :).

  2. Good one Saradhi Garu.