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Posted by on Mar 11, 2010 in Technology, TG Roundup

Sony’s PlayStation Move Challenges Wii Remote

How many of you have a Wii and love it (who doesn’t?). Did you ever regret that the graphics on the Wii are mediocre compared to PS3 ? You bought the Wii because its remote is cool compared to the PS3 controller. Right ? To spin things the other way, how many of you felt that PS3 needs a Wii like remote for playing more interactive games ? Sony knows they are missing this technology. They released a new Wii like remote called PlayStation Move. ITS COOL. Check it out.

Via Engadget

No surprise here: Sony just officially announced the PlayStation Move motion controller at GDC 2010, calling it the “next generation of motion gaming” because it’s so precise — latency is about the same as the DualShock 3. As expected, it uses the PlayStation Eye camera to track the controller, and Sony says it becomes an “extension of your body.” The plan is not only to engage casual gamers, but to use the precision of the controller to create “new experiences for core gamers” — many of the demo videos we saw involved using a controller video in each hand, and there were quote a few demos of action / RPG games. We also saw a demo of Move Party, which uses the camera to do augmented reality gaming and video chat. The demos are pretty impressive — Sony’s not kidding when it says the Move is incredibly precise. There’s also going to be a secondary “subcontroller” with an analog stick for shooters — you can play all the way through SOCOM4 with just the Move and the sub-controller. (Yes, it’s just like the Wii Nunchuk, only wireless.)



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  1. I have to try this. Looks cool though.