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Posted by on Feb 12, 2010 in Technology, TG Roundup

Skyfire Acquires Kolbysoft – Maker of STEEL Browser for Android.

If you are a mobile phone enthusiast who loves to browse the internet using a real browser you might know about Skyfire. Skyfire is a full featured mobile browser which plays flash videos inside the browser. Ever wonder why the videos inside CNN website do not play on your iPhone / Windows Phone / PALM / BlackBerry? Its because the mobile browsers on these platforms are missing the flash plugin. Skyfire started by Nitin Bhandari in 2006 became the “Fastest Rendering” mobile browser which run flash. Currently Skyfire is available for Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Symbian (Nokia’s phones). The news just came that Skyfire acquired Kolbysoft which makes STEEL browser for Google’s android platform. STEEL browser is available on any of the Google’s phones “G1”, “MyTouch”, “Hero”, “Moment “or “Droid” from the Android app store. You can probably watch videos on TeluguOne using Skyfire on your phone (I haven’t tried that out yet , though I will on my old Treo phone).