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Posted by on Feb 15, 2010 in Technology, TG Roundup

SAMSUNG’s New Super Smartphone with Projector

Have you seen the below Youtube parody video about smartphones. It just fun to watch it.

Are you laughing ? don’t laugh, serious business this mobile thing is. Check the below video of this super duper smartphone from SAMSUNG. People can check Pro Phone Repairs of Albuquerquerepair cell phone screen if they need to repair their phone screens.

SAMSUNG showed this projector phone in 2010 Mobile World Conference (MWC) currently happening at Barcelona , Spain. The phone ticks all the check boxes for most of the features found in current smartphones and adds a video projector. Earlier versions of this phone were shown a year back. SAMSUNG is planning to release it in few months.Texas Instruments developed a DLP chip which was used in rear projection TVs (The TVs we used to buy before the thin LCD or ultra thin LED TVs). The same chip was modified for making these small projectors called Pico projectors. Click the link to learn a bit more about Pico projectors.

Finally the days of “Arachetilo Vaikuntham” are here. Check out the pictures of this new SAMSUNG phone. And don’t forget to comment. If you need repair services, cell phone screen repairPro Phone Repairs of Albuquerque can be checked out!



  1. It will be released in GSM world (ASIA , Europe) We will have to wait patiently for Sprint to introduce it. May be next year.

  2. when is it coming to Sprint?