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Posted by on Feb 13, 2011 in Computers, Technology, TG Roundup

Samsung’s 9 Series fights Macbook Air

The form factor and weight of Macbook Air lured many windows user into Mac world. I thought about getting one of this  for installing Windows 7 with bootcamp (the dual boot software). Now I don’t have to do that. Samsung announced a new laptop that matches Macbook Air.
Samsung Press Release

Though the news is a month old, I just wanted to share with everyone on Teluglobe. If you are thinking of buying a laptop wait for a month or two for Samsung to release this one. The pricing from what I heard is below thousand dollars.

Check out the videos



  1. KP garu,
    Apple makes the best hardware. Period.

  2. What is wrong with all these companies? Why do they have to compare every thing with apple’s ? If that is the case, why not just buy MacBook Air ?