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Posted by on Sep 16, 2020 in TG Roundup

Protesting Trump is, Sedition?

Wednesday, Sept 16, 2020: Day T-Minus-48

First, a few thoughts on the late-breaking news on Wednesday. Attorney General Barr said that ‘as the nation’s top law enforcement official, he had the right to intervene in investigations and to overrule career lawyers, castigating his own department and attacking what he described as politically motivated inquiries’ (NY Times). There is more…

  • He is pushing his prosecutors to bring sedition charges against Black Lives Matter protesters.
  • He raised the issue of charging Seattle Mayor in connection with losing control over an 8-block section of Seattle.
  • He said that Coronavirus lockdowns are the ‘greatest intrusion on civil liberties’ other than slavery in US history.
  • He referred to DOJ prosecutors as preschool kids
  • He essentially said that FBI agents are his own personal agents.
  • Also, don’t forget that he never called out the accused killer of CA cops’ and his connection to the rightwing malitia, Boogaloo Movement (Forbes).

Barr is the second most dangerous and powerful man in America. If Trump is Palpatine, Barr is Darth Vader.

A positive development. At a Senate hearing, the CDC director Dr. Redfield emphatically said this about the effectiveness of masks.

He also was brutally honest about the COVID vaccine.

Biden-Harris Campaign update:

Biden had a COVID briefing today and took questions. He responded to Trump comments that former VP hasn’t kept promise on masks, whispers: “I’m not the president. He’s the president.”




Tramp put up quite a sh*t-show today (on top of what he has done yesterday at the ABC News Townhall). I am exhausted. I will just summarize the train wreck in just tweets (in no particular order).