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Posted by on Jul 9, 2010 in TG Roundup

Pres. Obama speaks on his Immigration Reforms Bill

Obama speaks on Immigration reforms

I recently read on Web that the US Federal Government sued the State of Arizona for their new immigration policy on empowering the Law Enforcement with authority to verify the legal immigration/citizenships of residents of Arizona. And also I read about the draft bill that is presented to Congress restricting H1-B and L1 visas and giving more and more student visas and possibly approve their residency (Green Card) on a priority basis.

Now, I just watched a video on White House website, Obama speaking about his immigration reforms plans and restructuring the immigration rules from the roots. Some of his views are well taken, but I highly doubt on what extent he implements them as I am under the impression that he talks more but does a little.

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  1. I respect him as a highly capable president. It appears UK is done with enough desis. Now its time to react for America. I would only suggest US should stop backdoor high tech labor import and instead allow its already imported labor with equal opportunites as americans or just humans. Immigration reform may be equally difficult as health care reform bill. But this president is right to take up this challenge.