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Posted by on Aug 14, 2011 in Arts, TG Roundup

Prashanth with a ‘h’ Made My Day on Oct 22, 2010

I just listened to my interview with Smt. L Vijayalakshmi again. I might sound a bit self serving. But, I must admit that I liked the interview. It has to be one of my best efforts. On this subject, I had a hilarious conversation with Prashanth on Oct 22, 2010. This conversation touched on the way I interview celebrities on my show. Prashanth made particular reference to my interview with Smt. L Vijayalakshmi.

It is a funny conversation. Enjoy

Audio Language: Telugu

Date of Broadcast: Oct 22, 2010


  1. During the show on 5th Aug, there was a call from some one who was detailing about a Veena show and how it ended minutes after start due to the snapping of the ‘teegalu’.
    There your comment ‘ Veena naadi Teega needi’ made me laugh like anything. I hope you memory flashed you what I was talking about.
    I would appreciate if you can post that bit here.

    • Another person also asked for that via e-mail andi. As you requested, I just posted under podcasts. 🙂