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Posted by on Sep 15, 2020 in TG Roundup

Please stop and let me finish my question, sir

Sept 15, 2020: Day T-Minus-49


– Joe Biden played Despacito from his phone at a Hispanic Heritage Month event in Kissimmee, Florida.

Trump then posted a doctored the audio of the above video. On brand for Trump.

The invasion of Target:

Trump’s Co(v)Idiots Invaded a Target store in Florida. Not wearing a mask and storming private enterprises is a fundamental right. They call this “trolling and owning the libs”. I don’t find this funny. To the people of the sane world, this is what America has become under Trump.  Toxic ocean of hate. 

A word about Cramer and CNBS.

Some 20 years ago Jim Cramer and I used to duke it out on a stock board called “Silicon Investor”. He was and still is an unhinged lunatic who should be banned from giving any advice on investing. Yesterday, while interviewing Speaker Pelosi, he called her by Trump-given nickname “Crazy Nancy”. It is one thing for a fringe media outlet to do this, quite another when a host on a mainstream news outlet does this. Criticize her positions, statements – whatever. Calling the speaker of the house names? Despicable!

Update: Cramer apologized to the Speaker.

Twitter Trending Topics


#HerdMentality (Is this what Trump means by herd mentality?)

From the Ocean of Toxic BS (a.k.a. Trump-Pence):

Late in the day, Trump participated in a town hall meeting held by ABC News. It was a doozy. Where shall I begin?

Would you trust the vaccine when this idiot announces one, presumably just before the election?

Ellesia Blaque, a bad-ass among my ilk, has a question to ask. Trump was going to interrupt. She stopped him, “Please stop and let me finish my question, sir.” If only reporters have the same fortitude.

After she finished the question, Trump started his usual BS about how he “invented” the coverage of preexisting conditions (which is already covered under Obamacare). Stephanopoulos interjected to call Trump out on his lies.

Showing empathy to a close family member of the deceased is not an easy thing for anybody. Trump is terrible, horrible and not good at this. A voter, asks Trump a question her Mom who just died of cancer wanted to ask. In his response, Trump repeatedly mentions her Mom dying of COVID. “Did you have Covid? You didn’t have it, right? You didn’t have it? Your mother. Uh, we’ll have it taken care of.”

A voter asked, “When was America great for black people?”