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Posted by on Apr 1, 2010 in Technology, TG Roundup

Netflix on iPad

Folks, I am sure most of you are excited about iPad though I doubt many of you are buying. But here is the little “selling point” I gathered from the initial reviews from NYT and WSJ. Remember its just “gathered information”, no hands on testing. The real killer feature of the iPad is the Battery life. The second best feature is the speed. If you combine these two features , iPad suddenly becomes desirable. Every reviewer who had their hands on this shiny thing claimed a 11 hour battery life exceeding the APPLE’s 10 hour specification. Rarely you see a device exceed the manufacturers spec in the battery department. The news from Engadget is that Netflix is releasing an iPad APP for streaming. Which means you can watch four movies movies on this thing before charging it. That is pretty impressive. Anyone getting one tomorrow ?

[via Engadget.]

Look, we’re not sure what appadvice is using to back its claims, but it’s been pumping out supposed iPad app leaks for a few weeks now with screenshots and videos that tell a convincing story. Now they’ve linked us to a host of new iPad apps with Netflix and ABC player being two of the most notable. The free Neflix app is said to be launching along side Apple’s slate on April 3rd letting Netflix subscribers browse and manage their queues. More importantly, it will also allow subscribers to stream Netflix’s online collection of videos. Of course, if this is true then we expect to see a Netflix app land for the iPhone and iPod touch as well in adherence to Reed Hastings’ previous comments.

There’s also a free ABC app tipped for April 3rd giving iPad owners WiFi access to full episodes of shows like Lost and Grey’s Anatomy. And with CBS seemingly getting into the HTML5 game we suspect that the demand for Hulu in the US will dampen if all this comes to fruition — especially if Hulu adopts a subscription model. Not enough? Then check out the 1,350 (and counting) approved iPad apps in the source link below or preview 700 of them in a video after the break where you’ll also catch a few more Netflix and ABC screenies. We’ll have to wait until Saturday to see how many of these actually appear in the iTunes App Store.

Check out the link at Engadget

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  1. I have been following tha ipad progress. I am pretty sure it will be a hit. Nextflix app is a very nice move. Thanks for sharing.