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Posted by on Sep 23, 2010 in Mobile, Technology, TG Roundup

Neat Little Features Of The HTC Desire SmartPhone

You call your friend. Your friend won’t pick up the phone. You call back or email the friend later. The next time you talk with the friend you remind him/her that you have called and the phone “Rang” , but not picked. Then you will hear an excuse, “Oh I kept the phone in my pocket”, “Sorry it was in my purse”. This will lead to some arguments and counter arguments. If the other person happens to be your husband / wife , well, the argument will be prelude to a war if not a battle 🙂 did I say that ? sorry it will be more like an armed conflict.

It reminds me of another situation in the beginning of email era. You send an email to your friend. The friend says the email is not received.  You set up the email confirmation that “the email was sent successfully”. Next time around you send an email to that jane jigar friend who is incommunicado. “Shara Mamule.” The friend says no email came his way. This time around you tell the friend that you even got a confirmation 🙂 from your mail provider. Story repeats.

Admit it. We have come across these situations many times.

The issue is simple , when you have a mobile phone, you have a responsibility to keep an eye on it, you have to answer the calls , you have to respond to emails….. the list goes on. If you don’t do it, sure, it will lead to misunderstandings which lead to breaking relationships. Though there are times you are busy and forget to respond to few calls or emails or simply you don’t want to pick the call because the other person is bothering you. Which happens. HTC sensed these little things and updated their new custom interface on top of Android with some neat features called it Sense UI.

I have a new found respect to whoever heading that HTC UI software division. The person has brain, and surely knows a thing or two about customers frustrations with smartphones. Check these features. Which are almost unique to the HTC phones. Though some other Android phones might have it.

  • The phone rings “Really High” when it detects that it is inside a pocket or purse. This will alert the receiver. Of course there are “Dunnapotu meeda Varsham” type folks who don’t hear the call, but this helps for most.
  • The phone downloads the maps and keep them in cache when you use the navigation. I am sure most of you experienced this headache, the navigation stops working, because there is no wireless signal.  You are in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of downtown , totally lost. No more.
  • On most Smartphones you will see a picture caller ID. HTC shows little more, like the facebook status, birthday, anniversary on the photo caller ID. This will help you pick a topic to converse with that friend.
  • You are in an office meeting. You forgot to turn the mute switch on. The phone rings louder. You are embarrassed. You pick the phone, reach out to that mute switch then turn it off before the phone rings loud at least three times. With this new feature,  the phone reduces the ringer sound soon you pick it. Then all you do is turn it around and put it on the table. The phone goes silent. This is an old feature of Windows , now available on Android. This feature is quite handy.


  1. Mohan garu,
    I doubt you will see them on incredible. Because it might need extra sensors to do these things which might not be in Incredible.

  2. Cool stuff..

    How many of these features are available on my droid incredible?