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Posted by on Dec 16, 2013 in Andhra Pradesh, TG Roundup

Mr. Speaker, do the right thing and redeem your family name

Assembly Speaker Nadendla Manohar

Many of you know me as “Repalle” baaludu. I was born in Repalle but my native place is Donepudi where my forefathers lived for as long as our family history can be traced. My whole village was ecstatic when NTR came to power with Nadendla Bhaskara Rao on his side. In fact, Nadendla Bhaskara Rao was a classmate of my father. My father died more or less at the same time TDP was founded. Bhaskara Rao was quoted as saying he wished Punnaiah (my father) were alive to help him with the party.

A few months later NTR came to power in Jan 1983. The village was proud that one of their own played such a pivotal role in shaking the foundations of mighty Congress in AP. We all felt proud to be part of such a great accomplishment: restoring the honor of Telugu people.

A few months later Nadendla stabbed NTR in the back and resubmitted the dignity of Telugu people back at the feet of ‘dushta Congress’. The unity in the village was gone. Many felt betrayed by their own son. They tried to disown Nadendla as their own and felt ashamed to tell anybody that they are from Donepudi, the birth place of Nadendla Bhaskar Rao. Some stayed loyal to Nadendla. During reelection time, Nadendla’s Prajaswamya Telugu Desam lost deposits in almost all constituencies.

Fast forward 30 years. Nadendla Manohar, the son of a ‘traitor’ is now in a key position to redeem his family name and a village’s pride. Dear Mr. Speaker, do the right thing and restore the honor of Telugu people.


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  1. Those dark days and to break the will of Telugu people seem forgotten by many. There was a systematic erosion of that movement by vested interests and are now trying to divide and conquer showing the lame causes like cultural alienation and political independence. They are not looking ahead what is in store when the people of Andhra Pradesh will fight for resources and get weakened. And to suddenly lose the bellwether of the state, the city of Hyderabad, by a section of the state. The long term consequences of this division are not being addressed at all and being forced because of a very short sighted political advantage.

    All parties are now complicit in this, including the TDP, BJP, YSRCP, TRS of course along with Congress. For all the facts now being brought out by the current CM, Kiran Kumar Reddy, should have been tabled way back when the TRS chief was blabbering all untruths and driving a region with crazy promises. It may be too late now, perhaps!