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Posted by on Sep 12, 2020 in TG Roundup

Marshal Law!

Saturday, Sept 22, 2020: Day T minus 52


A reporter’s response to Bunker-Boy Trump’s ‘basement’ Tweet.

My comments:

Clearly, enthusiasm for Trump is very high. Though Biden is still leading in the polls, a latest poll suggests that the race is tightening in Nevada and Florida.

Don’t take anything for granted.


Vote early.






Trump goaded Biden to come out of his “basement” while Biden was doing 👈this on the campaign trail.

Trump held a Klan rally in Nevada. An impressive crowd of very diverse white folks (some with beard, some not, some women, some without MAGA hats and almost none with masks) gathered.


Trump mocked Biden camp for following social distancing guidelines.


Lindsey Graham tweeted: “It’s been 72 hours since I released 11 years of state and federal tax returns and challenged @HarrisonJaime to do the same. Crickets. What is he hiding?” Senator, now do Trump.

Trump stogies:

Media Matters reports that convicted criminal and Trump stogie, Roger Stone urged Trump to declare Marshal Law and seize power if Trump loses the election. You know, the normal democratic republic stuff.