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Posted by on Jun 21, 2012 in TG Roundup

Join MM Gaana Lahari Live Broadcast: 11 AM – 2 PM, EST


Join MM Gaana Lahari Live Broadcast: 11 AM – 2 PM, EST

Every Friday, MMGL is broadcast live on Tharanga Media’s Telugu Live channel: 11 AM – 2 PM, US Eastern time.

Call: 201 340 1950; e-mai: Skype ID: Telugu.Tharanga

Click here for more info about Tharanga and MMGL.



  1. Hi Mohana Murali Garu,

    In the last one or two weeks Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu is being seen in TV more often and talking all issues in the state. The perfect opportunist. All these days he has stitched his mouth. In addition the media (his loyal media channels) are back promoting this guy.

    your comments on role of media in our state and the kind of the guy we have a as one of the leader.


  2. Will be listening to your show online after a gap of 3 weeks. This was due to my client site blocking live streaming and most other sites. Would appreciate if you can give your thoughts on:
    — If Obama wins re-election: Will we be stuck with a 4 year deadlock with GOP controlling both houses? I say this because the Senate majority will be lost for Democrats – at least the odds look like that.

    — If he loses : What he will do? Will most likely be as active or more active in politics than before. Will he run for Senate? He will definitely be around for 2016. One side of me says it will be good for Obama to lose now and come back for a possible 2 more terms from 2016. Very too early to look that loooooooong?

    Will be interested in what you think? Over to MMGL.

    • Thanks for taking this up. But missed the first part when stepped out to attend a call.

  3. Topics to be covered on 7 Oct 2011 are:

    Steve Jobs
    Changes coming to TORI
    EU Debt Crisis
    35 Dollar Tablet from India
    Debit Card Fees by B of A
    What ever you want to talk about

    • You got most of them figured out. (But I will not talk about changes to TORi. It is premature.)

  4. Prof. Mohan garu,

    I like the take on life in general which is the essence of your show.
    I do listen to your show on most of the Fridays. However for a variety of reasons ,I do miss some Fridays or portions of Fridays. I know you rebroadcast the entire show on the following Sunday. I was wondering if you can podcast the show we can listen to the show any time during the week without ourselves restricted to the Sunday and particular times of broadcast. Thanks.

  5. Just Heard the news that American Govt is issuing PR to Foreigners under EB5, who invest money in this country.
    I remember u talking abt this , in one of ur earlier shows to raise money

  6. Hello Mohan garu,
    can u pls tell us about the privacy policy of TORI.correct me if i am wrong.
    As i see ,you have many RJ’s signing into Torilive id daily.Do all the RJ’s see all the mails.If u can discuss this ON AIR Today

  7. Mohan Garu,

    Please update the US phone number to the correct one on your iPhone app when you click interactive tab.

  8. Congrats to India on winning against Australia.

  9. Prof Mohan Garu,
    The last 2 weeks of Feb were good as the program went on air on time. Please keep it up.
    Today’s message on starting one hour late and repeating it after every song was very good improvement and over the three announcements made before 11 am as per your reply on Feb 11th.
    I would like to be MMGL’s time keeper as often as possible.

  10. Prof Mohan Garu,
    Class cheppe professor gare class ki aalasyam ga vaste elaa? Aalasyam gaa vachhi, ‘excuse me’ ani cheppa kundaane class modalu pedataru meeru. Feb nela lo ippati varaku ide varasa meedi.

    • Srinivas – before 11 AM three announcements were made indicating that the show will start late today.

      • Prof Mohan,
        Thanks for your clarification. Why not even one announcement was made from 11.00 to 11.40 or so when the actual show started? Listeners like me will tune in to TORI for your show only.

  11. Murali garu,

    Show stopped, unable to connect to TORI.
    Please update

  12. Dear murali,
    Can you change the wording of this posting From “Today (May 14, 2010: Friday)”, To” Every Friday” . It is more confusing especially when new people visit this page.
    Thanks in advance,

  13. Dear Murali Garu I enjoy your show I want to conduct a audio program in Uk let me know