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Posted by on Jan 27, 2010 in Technology, TG Roundup

iPad is Here

Apple’s iPad is here. తెలుగోళ్ళకి పండగే పండగ. iPod వచ్చినప్పుడు తెగ జోకులేసేవాడిని. “ఐ పాడా? అదేం పేరు, అయ్యో పాడు లాగ?” అని అడిగినట్లు, ఆపైన “పాడు అంటే పాడుద్ది అందుకే పెట్టారేమో ఆ పేరు…’ అని సరిపెట్టుకున్నట్లు. ఇప్పుడేమో iPad. I can imagine Telugu parents’ conversations with their kids. “ఏంటది? ఎయ్ పేడా?” Haa haa. haaa.

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  1. I was really excited about iPad, totally disappointed because,

    no multitasking
    no flash support
    no camera
    no provision to extend memory
    not a wide screen display.

    Let’s see if apple impresses me in version 2


    • Totally agree, lack of Flash ? wow , whats up with that ?
      Can you watch CNN videos ? nope .
      How can this be a magical device ?

      If they added OSX , FLASH, webcam and a SD card reader I would have expected folks running to buy this thing. I am sure APPLE will drop these features in version2. Besides , the CPU is their first ever , so I guess the folks will work on dumping another layer and make it dual core.

  2. Vow ! cool.. i like it.. if i have budget i would have brought and start writing applications…i love Apples 🙂