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  1. Eenadu still require special fonts – so doesn’t work. You have an app if you wants to read eenadu. It costs 5 bucks. Otherwise the Unicode(indic) fonts does work now. Ex: Telugu posts here in teluglobe, andhra jyothy, andhrabhoomi, poddu etc. Hats off to that person who said that it was just small non-alignment in earlier version. It was such a distortion , you can’t even read a single line. Anyways they took care of it atleast now.

  2. hi guys,
    so you mean we can go to and the thing would show telugu fonts ?

    No font installation ? no hacking ?

  3. You could also read Telugu in earlier version but it’s little hectic as the fonts were not aligned properly. I used to watch eenadu some times when I am away from home.

    In order to tethering 3GS, you first need to jail break it. It’s an illegal activity to do so without permission from AT&T, so I cannot post the instructions here. Try googling it.

  4. yes, its really cool
    i like to know is there any way to tethering to my 3gs.
    because at&t charges too much.

  5. Yes, I did too. The coolest of all is that now it support s indic fonts – so you can read telugu on iphone – no problems – no more :).