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Posted by on Mar 8, 2010 in Technology, TG Roundup

HP Slate, the true iPad Competitor

While folks are salivating to buy the iPad, I patiently wait for the HP’s Slate. I love the form factor of iPad. But lack of true Flash Video support means I cannot watch videos from millions of sites. Forget Dora the explorer, you cannot watch the videos from BBC / CNN / … even (if its not a YouTube embedded video) on the iPad.

Via HP’s site

The HP’s Slate Device Runs The Complete Internet — Including Flash!
by Voodoo Demigod Phil 3 hours ago – last edited 51 minutes ago by Administrator Frosty

We gave everyone a peek at HP’s slate device during CES 2010 and people got excited. Last month, we let you see a little more about what our slate can do – and you guys lit up the Internet with comments.

Well, we’re listening – and want to give you a little more insight. So, here’s what I can tell you for now without getting into too much trouble with my boss:

With this slate product, you’re getting a full Web browsing experience in the palm of your hand. No watered-down Internet, no sacrifices. We just posted a quick video showing some more of what that’s like as well as how the slate device will work as an eBook reader. Enjoy the short clip (and the techno soundtrack).

Check this latest video from Adobe about Flash support on the Slate.


  1. Kanaka Prasad Garu,
    PALM Pre loosing to iPhone is a bigger subject. First of all PALM is a lesser brand then APPLE. Besides Palm Pre has issues with the form factor.For the new folks Pre form factor is not “Desirable” like iPhone or Droid. I know some folks still love their old Samsung Instink.They haven;t seen any better and they don’t want any better because they simply love the form factor.
    HP Slate has the same eBook type form factor, which is kind of mainstream. Plus lately HP is matching APPLE on the hardware side. Even Dell is beating APPLE . Have you seen ADAMO XPS ?
    All in all, I am hoping the price is attractive. While it cannot beat iPad’s sales head on but can chip it from the sideways. There are ton of devices coming in that iPad-like form factor. iPad will be successful but not as successful as the iPhone.

  2. I doubt if HP can stand with quality, creativity and advertising of Apple. Take the example of Palm Pre, better than iPhone in every aspect and still falling behind. Hope you are right.