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Posted by on Oct 24, 2011 in tablets, Technology, TG Roundup

How to use Your iPad for Business

Found the following article which explains various options to use it as a great tool for business. The following are a few opinions from the  successful business men/women.

1. Whiteboard 2.0

My ipad rocks because: Plenty of great, simplistic doodle apps exist that allow you to draw similar to a white board using only your finger and the iPad’s touch screen. It’s a great way to simplify your presentation’s message while remaining professional and cutting edge in front of clients. Plus, no more dealing with smelly markers and messy dry erasers.

2. Bring on the gallery

My ipad rocks because: Using the photo app has allowed me to make a fantastic revolving gallery of my images. It’s easy to bring to stores and galleries and show them my work, without carrying ALL my cases. And the photos showcase off the designs in their best lighting!

3. Go Paperless

My ipad rocks because: Make it a priority in 2011 to cut down on printing paper in meetings by switching to iPads or other tablet devices. iPads may be a little pricier in the short term but over their life span they save countless hours spent printing as well as trees. Outfit your conference room with iPads for anyone present and cut out the clutter of fifty page printed packets for everyone in the room!
If you own a business, small or large, working with a merchant service provider to make it easier for you to set up payments is also a move you should seriously consider. Explore the API and developer tools offered by merchant services for integration.
There are 35 more opinions shared from the below article. Check it out !
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