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  1. Bhanuprakash garu,
    A good post.

    Actually there 2 more impactful languages, one is ALGOL-60 and the other is SIMULA-67. ALGOL is the only block structured language and Pascal has inherited some features.

    SIMULA-67 introduced in mid sixties is a true extension of ALGOL with the ground breaking concept of CLASS. SIMULA is the forerunner of Object Oriented Programming. SIMULA is the inspiration behind C++, but no way a match in elegance, power and structure to SIMULA.

    My MTech dissertation on Travel Forecasting is fully implemented in SIMULA-67, and I have not come across any language as powerful as that.

    It is very unfortunate that some these greatest innovations have not got much wider publicity. 🙁

  2. Very informative!!!TQ so much!!!

  3. useful info!!!thanks