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Posted by on Mar 8, 2010 in Technology, TG Roundup

Forget iPhone or Droid, get this phone if you are on T Mobile Plan.

Folks don’t flame me here. I love all the phones. But this HTC HD2 is something of a Mercedes in the land of Toyotas (iPhones) and Hondas (Droids). The software is “Okay” compared to the iPhone. But the hardware is as solid as any German built car. Folks who know about HTC will attest my statement. HTC is a mobile phone powerhouse out of Taiwan. They make some of the best phones on the planet. HTC was a Original Device Manufacturer (ODM) for companies like Sony, Sammy, LG before starting their own brand. HTC spent considerable amount of time, money and every R&D trick in crafting this master device. The screen is an inch bigger than the iPhone making it the largest phone out there. Plus it has a standalone GPS, which means if hacked properly you can use it as a standalone GPS device (no need to activate the plan). Best of all (Worst of all too) its Windows mobile. Which means you can tinker it. There are a ton of Telugu folks out there using TMobile. In summary its the best phone on TMobile. Engadget is saying T Mo is launching it on March 24th. So, TMo folks get ready, no need to switch to ATT or Verizon. You are welcome to join Sprint though.
For me, my Pre is holding well. I wish Palm makes a phone in this form factor :).

Check the Youtube video


  1. windows mobile 7 is amazing os and this phone as well.

  2. I have 2 problems with this HD2, being with T mobile and releasing with WMOS 6.5 I am upgrading my pre if this is with sprint and windows mobile 7

    • Oh no, you want to leave the Pre for this ? Me , No.
      I would want WebOS on it.