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Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in TG Roundup

Don’t Count Mitt Romney Out.

Obama may have come out of DNC with a big bump. But… don’t count Mitt Romney out. Why, you ask?

Remember the conservative trio who pretty much ruled the Republican party for nearly 15 years? Grover Norquist, Ralph Reed and Jack Abramoff.

Jack Abramoff is now a convicted criminal. He is out of lobbying, he is out of politics. Perhaps one day he will end up on Fox News as a pundit. Grover Norquist may be beleaguered from the Abramoff scandal. May be, just may be, the congressional  Republicans are waking up to their stupidity and realizing that they are in bed with- and ceded power to- an idiotic icon whose revelation at 14 was to make the law makers sign a pledge not to raise taxes – ever. But Grover is still in-charge.

The “Christian Coalition” of self proclaimed religious conservative Raplh Reed may have been defunct. But Ralph Reed is back. The Resurrection of Ralph Reed is real. He is back. He already delivered Virginia to Bob McDonnel and helped Scott Walker prevail in the Wisconsin Governor recall election.

Bill Moyers on Resurrection of Ralph Reed (via PBS)

While Romney, Ryan, Christie and Rubio get the lion’s share of attention during the Republican Convention this week, three one-time college Republicans who are now the party’s real power-brokers — Karl Rove, Ralph Reed and Grover Norquist — are busy doing what they do best: leveraging their political, religious, and financial resources to back pro-corporate, anti-government objectives at the core of the conservative agenda.

The true surprise at the Tampa convention is Ralph Reed’s resurrection. When the former head of the Christian Coalition was discovered to have raked in millions of dollars from the super lobbyist — and eventually convicted felon — Jack Abramoff, Reed wound up in political purgatory. But outraged by the election of Barack Obama, and responding to what he describes as God’s call (via Sean Hannity), Reed returned to start the Faith and Freedom Coalition with the aim of toppling Barack Obama from the White House….

If you some interest, however little it may be, in US politics – you MUST watch this eye opening piece.

When you are done watching, you will know how sleazy the American Christian conservative political operatives are.