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Posted by on Sep 9, 2010 in TG Roundup

Apple Eases Eestrictions Adobe’s Flash and Google’s Ad Technology

Bhanu Prakash garu had mentioned couple of times the issues among Apple, Google and Adobe, and why people on Apple line of products may not be able to see flash player content.

Looks like Apple is relaxing some of its controls on Google and Adobe.

Recently Mohan garu too talked about Google Ad, I am not sure how much this move is going to benefit people.

Hope this may be good to public.

Visit the link:

PS: Bhanu garu, whenever I listen to your conversation on MMGL, I recollect another friend with the same name as yours who lives in CA. Btw send me your email-id. 🙂


  1. KP Garu,
    try watching all videos of Teluglobe on iPad. You will know why. As per HTML5 is concerned, we are few years away from it. The likes of NPR,WSJ did move to HTML5 , but many other websites are not there yet.

  2. I’ve been using ipad for a week and it’s a great device. But, I never felt the need for flash honestly. It’s will be great if ipad has flash but it’s not a deal breaker IMO. Each site has it’s app for ios and flash is fading slowly. Since html5 is the standard, unfartunately I tend to agree with steve.

  3. Saradhi garu,
    Its bound to happen. iPad will be the best portable internet browsing device when the Adobe flash support arrives. I am eagerly waiting for that day, Google has announced that Apple is letting AdMob on Apps. Which is a good thing.
    Looks to me Steve J is worried that they will be crushed by the Android juggernaut. I used flash on HTC Evo phone. Its buttery smooth.
    Videos on CNN, teluglobe, comedycentral…… play nice.

    The writing is on the wall. You cannot call a device gives you magical browsing experience when it fails to play flash video.
    since I am on the east coast , we need another bhanu on the west coast 🙂
    I will send you email.