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Posted by on Jun 18, 2010 in TG Roundup

A Phone, A Pal, and A Story – Part3

After that incident, my senses went numb for couple of days… I didn’t go out of my room even for an evening tea which we usually used to have in the road side café.

On 4th Jan 2005, I sent a SMS saying good morning to Anu. Though I sent that message with no hope, there was a thin ray of hope in my heart.
God has answered all my prayers and I got a reply after an hour. Without wasting a moment I called Anu and her voice is so normal… she asked why I wasn’t in touch with her…
I was surprised by that question. I was expecting a good bashing from her. I replied that I was not feeling well and changed the topic.

2 days later on 6th Jan 2005, I got an interview call from a company in which I appeared for an interview in September 2004 but was not selected.
They told me that they have openings for freshers and asked me to come to their office for a formal round of interview.
I didn’t tell her about the interview because if I lose the interview, I didn’t want to be a loser in her view.

It is 7th Jan 2005, I cleared the interview and got a job with designation “Junior Software Engineer”. The reporting date was 17th Jan 2005 which is 10 days after the interview date.
After the interview I told her about the interview and the job I got. She wished me all the best and the sound in her voice has boosted my happiness.

I went to a nearby internet café to send emails to all classmates and friends to inform about my job.
Then at 6:30 PM Anu called me and asked a straight question “I thought you are a decent and straight mannered guy… but I never expected you to be a coward who tells about his love to everybody except the girl whom he loves. Why did you do this?”. I did not have a word to answer.
I kept dumb for a moment. Then she said “you idiot, it was me who heard your words ‘I love Anu’ on phone. I am not sure if it is love or attraction. But I can’t stop myself saying these words – I LOVE YOU TOO… but let us first finalize whether it is love or sheer attraction.”

I felt like heaven by hearing her words “I LOVE YOU” but at the same time I was anxious about her second sentence to check if this is love or attraction. I asked her how we can decide.
She said “let us not be in touch for 4 months. If you still have same feeling, then it is true love… we will be together forever. If it is just attraction, we will be distracted from each of us during these 4 months”.

With those words my BP has raised to its maximum limit but I held my nerves… I suppressed all my irritation and tried to be so soft… I said “look baby… it is not movie where the hero and heroine part before interval and get together in the climax. Put your cinematic thoughts aside and tell me whether do you love me or not. Time will decide whether it is so called True Love or not”.

She confirmed her love towards me and I sincerely thanked God for such a wonderful gift to me.

From that day we were happily lost in Love and days are passing simply like that.
Day by day, the desire to see her was building in me… and finally I told her about my desire. She took a break and told that she is not so pretty and asked about my looks…
I said I am an average looking guy with medium built and fair complexion. Then she asked for my photograph…
It took me a complete day to choose my best looking photograph from my archives and sent it to her friend’s address which was given by her. After posting the photograph, I called her and asked to send her photo.

After a couple of days, Anu told that her friend has received the parcel and Anu was going to see the photo on the same day. I said ok and got lost in my work.

From that day I did not get any call from Anu for 4 days… and when I try to reach her number it’s saying the number is temporarily out of service.
I decided that she did not like my photo and she changed her number to avoid me 🙁 🙁

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