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Posted by on Jun 23, 2010 in TG Roundup

A Phone, A Pal, and A story – Part IV (From Anu’s perspective)

I went to my native place for 10 days as my grandma felt ill… during this time, I really missed my love. I didn’t talk to Nani (his name is changed to maintain privacy 😉 ) for 10 long days 🙂

I wouldn’t have felt the pain with such intensity if I don’t see his pic. But after seeing his photo I could not stay without talking to him.

When I saw his picture for the first time, I felt that his fellow doesn’t know how to describe himself 😛 he looks much better. I especially like his innocent looks… the only thing I didn’t like was his serious expressions in the photo… doesn’t this guy know how to pose for a picture? Anyway I’ve given the sealed envelope to Jyothi to post that to his mailing address.

Feb 9th, 2005

Finally my grandma has recovered her health and I came back to Vizag. By this time he would have received my letter and photo. I recharged my mobile and was waiting for his call.

At 11 AM, I got his call. I could sense some anxiety in his voice… for a moment I felt that something is wrong with him. The first word he said was “I am extremely sorry for misunderstanding you and your love towards me”. I didn’t understand what he was saying. When I asked him to know what has happened, the told that he was trying to reach me for past 10 days and he thought I changed my number after seeing his photo.

Don’t know why boys are always insecure about their love… if they could love a girl sincerely, then why can’t a girl love a guy with same (sometimes even with more) sincerity?? I told him that I can never imagine anybody in his place and asked him not to worry. He said that he received the envelope just before that morning and that’s why he tried to call me.

Then he described his feelings when he saw my photo. Gosh… there is some magic in his voice… I was on cloud 9 when he says how beautiful I look :).

Time was simply passing like that and it’s the time for my annual exams… then came the shock…

It’s Vinay, my distant relative came to visit my family and he came to know about my love story through my foolish sister Nidhi.

What has shocked me the most is, this Vinay was the starting point of my love story with Nani. They both are friends and Vinay gave a missed call to Nani from my mobile when he came to our home in October 2004.

Vinay told that Nani is already engaged to his maternal uncle’s daughter and she lives at Nani’s home in his home town. That’s why Nani goes his home town every week.

And Vinay claimed that Nani told about our relationship and told that it’s just a popcorn love.

Those words boiled my blood and I thought of calling Nani and give him a strong retort. But I don’t want to talk to that characterless guy who has broken my heart with his false love.

So, I sent a SMS saying I don’t want to see his face again in my life.

After sending that SMS, I got numerous calls from him. What this guy is trying to do? Does he want to make me fool again? I don’t want to talk to him so I cut all of his calls and switched off my mobile.

I hate myself for trusting a cheat and his words. If God really exists, he will definitely teach Nani a strong lesson.

I don’t have other option than washing the stains of my foolish act of my life and keep going with my studies.