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Posted by on Jun 30, 2010 in TG Roundup

A Phone, A Pal, and A Story – Part 8

After our third meet at Vizag, I came back to Hyderabad and for two days I was pretty busy with my official work. During those 2 days, I had very short conversations with Anu and she sounded little disturbed with my response.

Finally we’d accomplished the successful release of our project and I got some leisure. I called up Anu and I could hear a guy’s voice over the phone. I wondered if I had dialed wrong number. I rechecked the number and tried again. To my surprise the same guy has answered the call. He told it is wrong number and when I asked about Anu, he turned to be harsh with his words.

He said it’s Anu’s number only and she gave him the mobile. I didn’t understand why did she gave her mobile to that guy and asked the same.

He told that he is her would-be and asked about my details.

I introduced myself as her friend and I requested him to make her to talk to me once. Then he started to use all abusive language which I cannot write here… 🙁 and warned me not to call again.

I was 100% (even more) sure that Anu wouldn’t cheat me and this guy was lying. But I had no way to contact Anu to know what’s happened.

I thought of going Vizag again to see her and to know the happenings at her home. I booked the ticket to Visakha Express for the next day.

I packed some clothes and started to the railway station. While I was on the way, Anu called me and told that she wants to forget me and asked me to send her photo and gifts back to her.

I didn’t believe what I heard… when I asked to repeat, she said “I want to wipe you off from my life. I never met a guy called Nani. I am in love with a handsome guy called Gopi. He is my fiancé. I am going to marry him after my graduation. Is it enough? Then forget me. Bye” and she simply hung up.

I was confused after hearing these words… if she wants to play a prank or does she really mean it. I tried to call her but she didn’t answer the calls.

Even after such disheartening conversation, I did not give up the thought of going to Vizag. I headed towards the railway station and boarded the train.

After sitting in the train I recollected the scenes happened in my office. I had to lie to my manager that one of my close relatives has died and I’d to go out of station. He sanctioned me the leave but my colleagues were able to read my mind. They asked if anything is wrong with Anu. I said no and walked out of office.

I don’t know whether God had forgotten to fit sensitive hearts to beautiful girls. Where my colleagues could sense the pain I had felt, why this girl could not?

I went there and when I reached to their friend Mohan’s home, he told me that he saw Anu with a new guy and they both were very close to each other.

I asked about the location where he saw them together. He said it’s Bheemili. I heard once that there are some stealth places in Bheemili where lovers go for privacy.

I was shocked to learn that she was leaning on his back where he was riding Karizma bike. It is true that I felt really bad of being a jackass but I didn’t lose hope.

I took Mohan’s mobile and tried to call Anu. She answered the call and got surprised to hear my voice on the phone. She said that she was with her fiancé at some restaurant and asked me to hang up.

I could hear that some guy is talking to Anu in the backdrop and she was laughing loudly at his jokes. I stayed there for two more days and finally I could meet her in the beach..

When I meet her, she was in sleeveless top and a kapri. I remember that in the earlier days of our love, she told me that she doesn’t like western wear. But now I am seeing her in the so-called western clad.

I asked about our relationship and she told that it’s all bulls&*%. I could not control my anger and threw her photo and her gifts at her and asked her to check if everything is returned or not.

She recklessly took them and thrown into sea. I somehow managed my senses from slapping her and said “see Anu, I don’t know the reason behind your behavior… but one thing is true. It doesn’t matter whether you love me or not… I love you truly and totally. I will remember you forever as it’s my first love. I know it’s the end of my love. I will never show my face to you. At least please don’t break his (new guy) heart.”.

She smiled carelessly and said “tell me something new man… I am bored of hearing all such nonsense for past 10 months”. I didn’t utter a single word and left the place with broken heart.

– Nani.

Nani stopped writing this and closed his eyes.

His son came from behind and hugged him. Nani smiled and took his son into his lap. Then came his wife with a hot cup of coffee. After giving the cup to Nani, she asked “so, did your story come to an end? Now can I see the complete story?”.

Nani replied “No, still one more part to go. I am planning to narrate the reason behind the change in Anu’s behavior and her point of view. Probably that would be the end of this story. I will write it over this weekend and show it to you on Monday. Then you can read the complete story”.

Nani wrote the story over that weekend and shown it to his wife on the immediate Monday.

So, watch out for last part which will be posted soon :).

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  1. believe me people… I got my fingers shivered while writing this part… donno why!!