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Posted by on Jun 25, 2010 in TG Roundup

A Phone, A Pal, and A Story – Part 5

After seeing the message I tried to call Anu many times… but she didn’t answer the calls and finally she switched off her mobile.

I didn’t understand the reason behind that message and was completely clueless.

I prayed to God for giving me one more opportunity to prove myself innocent. I could not bear the name CHEAT.

I decided to write a letter to Anu and post it to her friend Jyothi’s address (postal mail was the only medium between us other than phone).

I wrote a letter to give me the reason for calling me a cheat and asked if I have done any mistake…

Before posting the letter, I tried to call Anu and luckily the call was connected.

Nidhi answered the call and had told that Anu was not at home… she asked me why I’ve played such games with Anu’s emotions… I said I didn’t understand her words and asked to give me the reason for such blames. Then she told about Vinay. I exclaimed how did they know Vinay and Nidhi told that he is a distant relative to them.

Vinay, one of my best friends is relative of Anu!!! While I was in the shock, suddenly Anu snatched the phone from Nidhi and started scolding me. I waited for a couple of minutes and I asked Anu to check with Vinay about my character and my commitment towards her.

Then Anu sarcastically said “Sir, we came to know about your great personality and your so-called commitment from Vinay only. If you need just popcorn kind of relationship, why do you name it as Love and why do you play with people’s emotions?”. Her words sounded like bullets from an AK-47 rifle and I asked if I behaved wrongly at any time of this course… she said no.

I asked her to tell me what Vinay has told them… then she asked if I have any cousin who stays at my home… I said yes. But I didn’t understand the link between my cousin’s stay at my home and my love with Anu.

Anu asked me about my last meet/conversation with her. I said I met her during my last visit to my hometown which was just a week ago. I also said that it’s just a casual meet and there is no specific purpose.

She started to cry and scold me for hiding that matter… I tried to console her with my words but failed…

After a moment she asked if I was engaged with my cousin… I couldn’t control my laughter and it took 5 minutes to come down. Then I asked her if she herself got the doubt or Vinay told about my engagement with her… Anu said Vinay told about my cousin and my engagement with her. I said “you fool, my cousin is studying 7th class. And she stays with my mother because there is no school in their village. That guy Vinay just knows that there is a girl who is my maternal uncle’s daughter and stays at my home. He doesn’t know her age. How can you think that I will marry such kid???”.

Anu asked me if I told Vinay that it’s just a time pass love. Without replying I asked her about the relationship between her and Vinay. She told that he is her paternal aunt’s son. It made clear that Vinay wanted to wipe me off from Anu’s life. As they both are relatives and Vinay has every chance to marry Anu, he wanted to separate both of us by projecting me as bad. He didn’t anticipate that Anu would talk to me and I explain about my cousin. I explained the same to Anu that Vinay is trying to separate both of us by doing all this.

At first Anu didn’t believe this… upon asking her if she wants to talk me and Vinay in conference mode, she said it’s not necessary and she completely agreed with me.

On that day I felt bad that the person whom I trusted the most and believed as best friend, had backstabbed me for a girl. At that moment, I decided to not to see his face again in my life.

Anyway, I did not lose Anu by his cheap tricks. Anu told me that she would teach him a lesson.

The differences came to an and we became normal. But this is not the end.


  1. this story is better than any recent telugu movie. Idi ee malupulo agutundo mitrama.

    • thanks brother… be prepared for more twists… 🙂