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Posted by on Jun 17, 2010 in Galleries, TG Roundup

A Phone, A Pal, and A Story – Part 2

After the phone call, I didn’t talk to them for 10 days… of course I felt bad for not talking to them.
10 days later…. October 24th, 2004.

My friends became frustrated seeing me in such a bad mood and to relieve me from that mood, they took me to a movie.

It’s the second show, and we enjoyed the movie a lot… throughout the movie, whenever I see the heroine (I am sorry I didn’t tell the movie name… it’s “Anand” and the heroine is as you know “Kamalini Mukherji”) I wished Anu look like the heroine.

I didn’t talk to both Anu and Nidhi for these 10 days… as I was walking along with my friends towards my room after the movie, I got an SMS.

It’s from Anu wishing me good night. In the same SMS she apologized me for the harsh tone in our previous call. I sent a reply saying “it’s ok and I should have been cautious while talking to girls…”

That’s a bull-eye :). My sentimental message had hit her strong. Immediately I got a call from Anu and she tried to explain how bad she felt for being harsh on me J (actually I didn’t feel her words harsh at that time!!!).

I strongly felt that she started thinking of me and at such an odd time she is trying to apologize… I told myself that it’s the twist. Earlier she was reluctant to let me to talk to her sister. But now, she herself is interested in me and my feelings. I thought that finally I could get someone who really thinks of me and cares about my feelings.

My life has come back into action  🙂

After that we (I and Anu) became good friends and used to talk so often. I always tried to make her feel that she is something special to me.

It’s December 26th, 2004… As it is weekend, I went to my home town and was busy watching TV.

While surfing through channels, I saw the news about Tsunami… the first and foremost thing came into my mind is “Anu”… she stays in Vizag which is on seashore…

Being much worried about her I tried to call her.. but the network traffic did not allow my call to connect her mobile. So I sent an SMS to her to check how she is and she instantly replied that she is safe…

On the next day, I talked to her regarding Tsunami and she explained how their area was affected. She was moved by my concern and care.

After 4 more days, we both exchanged new year wishes and I sensed that year 2005 is going to be the most memorable year in my life.

As someone said that friendship is the base of love, I started to love Anu and was waiting for time of proposal.

Her sister, Nidhi came to know about my feelings and she used to tease me by calling “baava” (means brother-in-law).

On 2nd Jan 2005, while talking to Nidhi, I said that I love her sister Anu. But the destiny has its own plot…

As Nidhi had to go to attend some guest, she handed-over the phone to Anu. Anu heard the words “I love Anu” silently and she simply hung up.

I was in an impression that I talked to Nidhi only and because of the signal, the call had been dropped. I tried to call them again but all my calls were unanswered.

I thought it’s the miserable end of story which started in October 2004 L and I myself destroyed our friendship.


  1. “In the same SMS she apologized me for the harsh tone in our previous call. ”

    A woman apologized? I won’t believe it! 🙂

  2. Story baga rasavu varun.

  3. Ledu brother… inka chala story undi. every episode has twist 🙂

  4. Brother enti ela English movie la sudden ga unexpected ga end chesvu… Inko part vunda?