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Posted by on Jun 16, 2010 in Galleries, TG Roundup

A Phone, A Pal, and A Story – Part 1

It was just another normal day when I woke up at 10:00 AM and started brushing while enjoying the greenery of IDPL Colony, Jeedimetla from my room’s window.

Suddenly I got a missed call from an unknown number… After brushing, I dialed the number to check who the person was.

To my surprise I heard a sweet female voice on the phone and she told that it’s a wrong dial. I said ok and hung up.

As we were a group of jobless fresh MCA graduates, our (mine and my friends) concentration was mostly on Career Chronicle and girlsJ…
Being mischievous and eager to make a female friend who’s neither my classmate nor my relative, I gave it a try to give her continuous missed calls… at that time I wasn’t aware of the consequences.

After a couple of days, I got a call from her number. With trmbling hands, I pressed the OK button of my phone and I heard a new voice (it’s not SHE with whom I talked earler) and that girl was shouting at me…

I kept quiet for a moment. Later before cutting the call she said “why do you guys give missed calls? Don’t you have guts to talk to a girl? Anyway, don’t give me missed calls after 9 PM as our parents will be home..”. I was puzzled with her words… is she hinting something? Does she want to talk to me? She is not the girl with whom I talked before… who is this new character?

I chose to wait and see because her words were not harsh… at the same time she wasn’t so polite… I thought she might be a tomboy kinda girl and sister of HER.

On the next day I called up her and again the tomboy came online. She introduced herself as “Nidhi”. According to her words she stays in Vizag and she was a B.Sc. I year student.

When I asked about HER, she said SHE is her sister named “Anu”. Both of them were studying in same college.

From that day, my schedule was adjusted to have long phone calls with Nidhi. I starting waking up at 8 AM J so that we can talk till she starts for college.

After a week, Nidhi introduced one guy called “Raja” on phone and said he’s her relative cum boyfriend. I inquired whether her sister had any such friends… then she said SHE doesn’t have any.
Nidhi sensed my interest towards her sister and started teasing me when I raise HER topic.

Days were simply passing like that and oneday when I called Nidhi, Anu answered the call and told that Nidhi was not at home. I thanked God for giving such an opportunity to talk to Anu. Then Anu told me about the relationship between Nidhi and Raja and asked me not to call Nidhi so often. When I asked for the reason, she said Raja is not so comfortable when Nidhi talks to other boys.

I promised her that I wouldn’t call Nidhi regularly and wished Anu goodbye and hung up…

That is where the story took its twist…


  1. Tondaraga taruvata emaindo cheppu brother …… 🙂

  2. tension tho gollu korukkuntunnanu brother,tadupari bhagam chadive bhagyam eppudu ?