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Posted by on Jun 28, 2010 in TG Roundup

A Phone, A Pal, and A Story – Part6

After the series of misunderstandings I thought of meeting Anu so that all our doubts will go off and our bond will become more strong.

I told Anu the same and asked if I could go Vizag to meet her.

She said that they have relatives in Hyderabad and they would be coming Hyderabad for summer vacation after her annual exams.

I felt really happy hearing that she would come to Hyderabad and was counting down the days.

Finally it’s the day 24th May 2005

She said that they were coming by Visakha Express and the coach number was S8.

As I was too excited to see her, I went to Secunderabad station before the train’s arrival. For the first time in my life, seconds seemed to be minutes and minutes seemed to be hours.

Finally I saw the train coming on to platform number 5 and I ran towards S8. From behind a pole, I was watching the passengers alighting the train. I saw a family consisting of a father and two daughters where one of the girls staring at me… I didn’t pay much attention to them and was searching for Anu.

Finally I got a doubt if those two girls are Anu and Nidhi?

I picked up my mobile and dialed Anu’s number. My guess was correct… the mobile rang just in front of me with one of those two girls. That girl was facing her back to me and I could not see her face properly.

She picked up the call and said hello. Then I said “hey green dress, turnaround… your love is waiting behind you”. By hearing those words she turned back and man… she looks absolutely beautiful.

I could see her sweet smile which I used to hear for previous 7 months on phone. She looks gorgeous in that green color salwar kameez.

Her skin tone is almost similar to milk cream and her eyes are in complete contrast to her complexion. And the morning wind is playing with her curly hair. When she turns towards me, I was speechless. I thanked God again for this wonderful gift of my life.

She might be feeling little discomfort with my gazes :)… she then adjusted her hair and said with a low tone “enough dear… now we’ve to go our relatives’ home. Let’s meet later. Bye for now”

With those words I came back into this world and was following her silently. Her sister is also looking good but she looks older than her elder sister :).

They were waiting for the city bus and her relatives were accompanying them. I was standing a bit far from them and looking at my angel.

Then came the disturber… a vegetables vendor came to me and asked if the bus in front of me goes to Begumpet or not. I said that it would. Then he asked me to help him lift the vegetables basket and I had no choice. Anu and Nidhi burst into laughter seeing my face… as I didn’t want to be disturbed again, after helping the vendor I changed my location to next bus shelter.

Their bus had come and they got into bus. As it goes to Krishna Nagar and I’ve to get down at Ameerpet, I too boarded the bus. I got a seat exactly behind Anu’s seat and her father sat beside me…!!

I was trying to be very decent in the presence of their father and made no signs to Anu. As the bus moves, the wind swayed her hair gently and I could smell the fragrance of her hair. I bet she must have washed her hair with Rejoice shampoo (it was her favorite :)) before boarding the train.

These bus drivers drive fast when we need it really slow and when we are in urgency they drive like as if they are riding a bullock cart. We reached Ameerpet in just 20 minutes from Sec’bad and I had to get down.

I got down the bus and sent her an SMS saying I’ll be in dayshift on that day. She replied saying OK.

I got a call from her @ 11 AM and said she would like to meet me on the next day. I said I’d make my shift to be shifted to night and meet her.

We both had decided to meet at Durgam Cheruvu on the next day at exactly 4:30 PM.

On the next day 25th May, 2005.

I was waiting for them at Krishna Nagar bus stop from 4:30 PM. I waited till 5 PM but they did not turn up.

I decided to wait till 5:15 PM and even then if don’t turn up, I would leave the place and go back to my room. Then she came along with her sister and her cousin Priya.

We four had engaged an auto rickshaw to Durgam Cheruvu and reached Durgam Cheruvu by 5:40 PM.

Priya said that she and Nidhi will roam around Hitec city and asked me and Anu to spend time alone. I thanked her and took Anu into the park at Durgam Cheruvu.

I was not aware of the consequences of our meet and the next twist of our love.


  1. Hello boss who is the author of this story. I rarely read stories. But liked this a lot. When is the next episode coming.

    • for the complete story you can email me friend… I am the author of this story.

  2. telugolame deeniki alavaalam’ adirindi !

  3. Thanks andi Tanuja garu.
    It has a climax for sure… 10th part deeni last part.

    Mohan garu, mana TV serials ki saati marinkevi undavandi. aa villainy, aa dhaam dhaam sounds, ivanni na story lo levu kada… 🙂

    KP Garu, edo mee abhimanam. Ruthuragaala range lo kakapoyina idigo meerannare Varunaragaalu… aa series tho teeyochu. Mana telugolame deeniki alavaalam.

  4. ivi ruturagaala varunaragalaa mahaprabhoo! Titti teestunnaru .

  5. It will never reach climax. Word is that Varun is either a) TV serial producer in India, or b) he is trying to be one. 🙂