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Posted by on Mar 27, 2010 in Social Issues, TG Roundup

Save Vinod

VINODKUMAR (35) is a father of two, a dedicated family man and a loyal friend is suffering from “MYELOFIBROSIS” since September 2009. Doctors tried all possible treatments and now his chance of survival depends on finding a matching bone marrow to do BMT (Bone Marrow Transplantation). Unfortunately his brother’s bone marrow didn’t match. We are organizing the drives all over USA to find a potential match. The test is absolutely Free.

Donating Bone Marrow is like donating blood (slightly more painful for a day). It is not like donating an organ. Please try to help.


  1. The sadness is that the pool is from a minor population and even then not all like to get tested. If at any time one can find more than 25 people for testing there are charitable organisations which will come by and do the testing for free.

    It is equally important to update the National registry with the correct address details when necessary. Wish Vinod a speedy recovery.

  2. we had this drive last week and I did my part. Hope he will find a match soon.