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Posted by on Jun 4, 2010 in Social Issues, TG Roundup

Poll 2: Now, How Much Will You Give to the Stranger?

Now we will change the parameters of the experiments in Poll 1:

Here, also you are given $10. You can give some to a stranger, or negotiate with him/her to take $1 of his money and you get to keep all of the money. His/her response doesn’t matter.

What will you do then?


Don’t forget to take Poll 3, when announced on the show.


  1. I am happy with $10 which I have.

  2. Hi mohangaru

    In this case iam happy with my 10$. I won’t offer nor negotiate with stranger.

  3. .
    The rules of the game have changed.
    Will now offer him 5 dollars. I got 10 dollars free so would share with others and spread the joy equally.
    But at the back of my mind I would still like to aim for getting the 1 dollar from him ( being an Indian and competitive lol)

  4. Hi Mohan garu, I will not offer and not bargain.

  5. Thanks to all those who participated.

    It felt really great to see so many people participate on the show and here.

  6. I am happy with my $10.that’s it

  7. why would i offer if i am not loosing anything…i will keep 10$ with me.

  8. Give him $5.00

  9. will offer $5 but no negotiation for the $1. For me situation did not change except that he/she did not have any influence on what I will keep.

  10. I will give him $10 and keep his $1 to myself.

  11. no offer no bargain.

  12. i will niether offer nor bargain……

  13. In continuity with my poll 1 response, I would give all of 10$ given to me to the stranger and will not negotiate to seek $1 from stranger.

  14. give him nothing & keep the 10$,why should i will negotiate with a stranger.

  15. 0$

  16. i will not offer any thing or bargain …..