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Posted by on Jan 7, 2010 in Ex-Patriots, Lifestyle

Glenn Beck Doesn’t Like Hindus

Glenn Beck, doesn’t like India’s hospitals to be peddled as an alternative to the broken and expensive American health care system. There is no telling how and when this guy’s ugly hatred surfaces. He opined that River Ganges rhymes with a disease. I have some thing to say to Glenn.

Glenn, you said, “I am sure no offense to India.” But, I am sure you DID mean offense to Hindus. Taking offense from a bigoted idiot like you is quite an honor. You mocked, “..the one big river they have there. That sounds like a disease. Come on it does. If somebody says ‘I am sorry I have a really bad case of Ganges.’ You like Cipro.” Since you didn’t mention the disease, I wouldn’t know what it is. Also, I know you are not a doctor. How would you know so much about a disease and its cure unless you contracted it?

Very clever, Beck! Very clever. Let me try one on you. Do you realize that your last name rhymes with a sexual act? Right, Beck? Taking a good look at your Pillsbury Dough boy looks, an Indian doctor friend of mine diagnosed you with a “**ck-face” disease.  I think I know which blue-pill they recommend to such faces.

This whole segment is offensive and bigoted. Then again, he is Beck. What else do you expect this idiot? Watch 2:39 and later for his reference to Ganges.