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Posted by on Feb 8, 2010 in Lifestyle, TG Roundup

Five Ways to Re-Use a Plastic Bag

Plastic bags may not be friendly to the environment, but when recycled, they can be the earth’s best friend. Even better? Plastic bags can add a touch of chic glamour to every home they grace. Don’t believe your grocery bag and “chic” belong in the same sentence? Think again:

Recycle your lighting! Photo: New York Times, Stuart Haygarth

[Via – Daily DIY]

1. The Plastic Bag Chandelier
I always hear that you can make a lamp out of absolutely anything, but I have to admit — I never believed it. Until now.
See the first chandelier here, and the second right here.

2. The Plastic Bag Chair
Sit on it and spin… literally. The plastic bag chair from Ryan Frank may not be the most functional, but it’s certainly the most beautiful.

3. The Plastic Bag Cushions
Cushions that are both lovely and earth-friendly! See them right here.

4. The Plastic Bag Shoes
Don’t even think about leaving out your tootsies. Plastic bag shoes? You betcha!

5. The Plastic Bag Containers
Crochet your way to recycled containers right here. Amazing!

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  1. KP,

    This idea looks so cheap! I can only hope that they are joking!