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Posted by on Feb 4, 2010 in Ex-Patriots, TG Roundup

Prius Too: Now, I am Also Getting Concerned

I wasn’t really worried until this latest recall news on Toyota Prius has come out. Software problems? Brake problems? This is an eerie reality to android cars in Hollywood movies that take control of the driver and kill him/her. Stopping distance is what I am currently covering in the transportation engineering class I am teaching. Well, this Toyota executive thinks that problem brakes do not increase the braking distance requirements for Prius models. I am not sure why it will not. When the whole driving behavior is altered due to faulty braking, not just the braking distance, but also the reaction time is altered. This is a disaster.

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  1. Mohan garu, I was talking to a mechanic who knows his stuff really well. The whole deal according to him was , one in a 10000 cars had the issue but they made a big deal out of it. He has a highlander that he checked in and out found nothing near the floor mat.The whole thing seems to be staged for helping FORD and GM to comeback a bit.Toyota like any good corporation is doing due diligence, they probably playing the Tylenol book ( the recall of Tylenol about 20 years back). Hopefully your car is not affected, but you got to take it to dealer :-).

    Below is a bit history on the recalls , Toyota’s is not the biggest yet.