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Posted by on Jul 7, 2010 in Ex-Patriots, Social Networking, TG Roundup

Another Hate Crime on Indians (This Time in NJ)

Over the past several days, I have been so engulfed with work, in upgrading TORI website and other things. This news is a bit dated – but I came to know about this only after Bhanu Prakash alerted me to it this evening. The fact that I did not even know about this news until now tells you how out of touch with news lately….

The following news is via Indian Express..

An Indian computer scientist, who was brutally attacked by three juveniles three days ago while taking a walk with his family in a New Jersey suburb succumbed to his injuries on Monday, police said.

The three 17-year-old assailants, whose names have been withheld because of their age, have been arrested and now charged with homicide, they said.

49-year-old Divyendu Sinha, an IIT Kharagpur alumnus and presently working as a consultant with Siemens, sustained injuries after he was attacked by three teenagers on Friday night when he was walking with his family near his home in Old Bridge in New Jersey.

You may recall the 1987 Dot-Buster incident when an Indian teen was killed by overzealous groups. Is Joel Stein reflecting a popular anti-Indian sentiment on the rise? Is our behavior in public places is causing this sentiment?

What do you think?


  1. we, telugu people are best of the human breed. We are very teritorial and do I really care if there is a hate crime? I need my same cast people around or at least from same region.

  2. Yes I agree with Ben.

  3. We just got too much comfortable among ourselves and never bother to mixup with American friends or community. NRIs need American wealth but fail to adopt their culture, friendship or traditions. No wonder Racist attacks will arise.

  4. The issue could be anything, however there were FORMAL complaints against these rowdy teenagers of harassing Indian community in the past. That is what the problem is. The mayor and police chief of OldBridge seems to think along the lines of Joel Stein.

  5. KP garu,
    Its a hate/race crime.

    There are some incidents brewing up in that area.

    From what I gathered , minutes before this crime there were doing

    “These juveniles were reportedly chasing another man and peppering his car with damaging “missiles” just minutes before the attack on Mr. Sinha. The other gentleman was lucky enough to get away.”

    Read the news after the incident.

    The kids posted that they want to do something like this on their Myspace/facebook

    These men were bragging about their worthless crimes on face book.

    I found this on

    This is supposedly the myspace page of Christian Tinli, showing the photo of the alleged (by readers on the web, that is) three assailants, Christian Tinli, Cash Johnson and Julian Daley, in that order from left to right (plus some girl in the middle):

    Supposedly the myspace page of Cash Johnson:

    Supposedly the myspace page of Julian Daley:

    About me:
    Yo my name is Christian and i live in NJ. I grew up in New Brunswick and was raised there. I moved to Old Bridge when i was like 10. I go to Old Bridge High School. I like to chill with mi my three niggaz Cash, Blair,and Shoni. We be up to no good sometimes but neva get cought, but they got my back if anything happens. We all some true “G”‘s. “

  6. it’s an unfartunate event. Playing a racing game for few hrs make me drive crazy at this age and you can imagine a 17 yrs kids. If news channels or ourself need excitement, call it as hate crime. I don’t agree that it’s a hate crime, if yes, media shouldn’t encourage this discussion. My 2¢.