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Posted by on Apr 21, 2011 in Career, Education, TG Roundup

Talking Education, KG through Ph.D., with Professor Rao Mulpuri

On Good Friday’s Mohana Muralee GaanaLahari, April 22, 2010, Professor Rao Mulpuri will be my guest. We will be taking about education. Unlike his previous visits on the show, there will be no specific focus on the level – Kinder Garten through Doctoral education. Be it a question about your kids’, or your own education, school choice, career choice, whatever- just give us a call: (703) 879 6611 or (703) 879 8267.[11 Am – 2 PM, US Eastern]

Also, keep in mind, Dr. Mulpuri is a movie buff and lighthearted. There can be moment of levity.