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Posted by on Jun 4, 2010 in Education, TG Roundup

Poll 3: Now, Will You Give, or Take?

In this tweak to the experiment, you get to keep all $10 and take up to $10 from the stranger. His/her decision to accept or not accept your offer is irrelevant on how much you get to keep.

What would you do in this case?


What is the conclusion?


  1. I will not give/take nothing.

  2. May be nothing.

  3. Give 5 away in charity to some one else. Bargain with the other person and try to get the additional 10 dollars.

  4. Hi Mohan garu, i will take/give nothing.

  5. Thanks to all those who participated.

    It felt really great to see so many people participate on the show and here.

  6. Again $10 is not mine. Doesn’t keep anything.

  7. No looting of other’s money.

  8. Will take $9 and will leave $1 as courtesy :).

  9. I will be happy with what i have…so no bargains with stangers

  10. Free ga vachinavi alage pothayi na feeling , so give /take nothing

  11. Will convince him/her and take $10. But I will remember that I got it from them.. hav to return it back. 🙂

  12. If the money which i get from the stranger, to be returned to him in any form than i will not take…happy with what i have….

  13. Will take 5$

  14. Take/give nothing,Why should i will Take or give to a stranger.

  15. I neither give or take.

    I follow the dictum “A Bird in hand is worth two in bush”

  16. i will take 3$