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Posted by on Jun 11, 2010 in Lifestyle, Social Issues, TG Roundup

Dark Secrets/Sweet Memories: Love Letters

Most of don’t mind sharing sweet memories. ALL OF US HAVE DARK secrets. But few dare to speak out about dark secrets. Let us see….

This is an anonymous poll – NONE of your information is collected. If you already took the poll, click here to see results.

Love letters: Did you write or receive them?

The FOCUS of the question is: did you write or receive a love letter from somebody other than your significant other? Don’t worry – this Google form doesn’t collect your particulars. The information is confidential.

Click HERE if you don’t see the survey form.

Results at 50 responses:

Female – before marriage: 13% wrote, 55% received
Male – before marriage: 72% wrote and 22% received

Female – after marriage: 0% wrote, 9.1% received
Male – after marriage: 27% wrote and 23% received


  1. Marriage ki mundhu chaala ne chesamu kani, marriage ayyaka ekkadandi okkaritho ne kastam ayithunte inko letter rase dhyryam kooda chesthama 🙂

  2. Marriage Mindi okeokka letter rasanu.anthe.after marriage no more