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  1. Attended many and also interviewed few.

    Some jobs: stress too much on knowing if candidate has genuine experience
    Some jobs: stress too much on non performing skills mostly for full time
    white / desi: Do you know this ? / what or why is this ?
    Most times: filling a resource just to occupy seat and very less work, mostly such interviewers face irrelevant / extravagant / oversmart questions
    Majority: Mostly final round telephonic Questions are directly to related daily job duty; If personal for contracts then expect some challenging technical questions
    Initial rounds: Initial round interviews mostly when within large pool of resumes; expect unrelated technical questions or sometime even personal attacks questioning candidates history possible
    Vendors: Since most vendors are desis who filter people and at most time because of unqualified or due to unavailable complete job description from client; I believe desi interviewer got special place scathing remark
    Mostly successful formula: mostly based on which round use common sense; if one of last rounds be honest, sound responsible, humble, and most importantly able to speak clearly

  2. I have interviewed quite a few to share my views,

    I first look at the resume – fonts, usage of bold and other cosmetics.

    I look at the skills and ask few questions on the skills set. Look at his/her zeal and commitment and eagarness and seriousness of about the interview and how will he/she prepared

    I would ask him/her how did he/she prepare for the interview and any reference books of authors he/she used to follow for his/her favourite subjects (if happens to be fresher).

    Look for best practices examples and handling situations and see if he can take responsibility or not.

    I would ask him to be very honest and I would always be honest on the job description on offer.

    Hyderabad, India

  3. I had attended KLATencor telephonic interview . The HR asked why did u learn German. I replied i wanted to go for PhD. Thats it ,job is gone. I think u can infer the reason. After 5 years they again shorlisted from Monster and again rejected.
    In another case, after the interviewer’s turn; he asked me if i had any questions. I replied Why did u come from Malaysia to interview,dont you get qualified people there.

  4. I listen sometimes Tori in the office. Today you choose the good topic.

    Just I want to share my experience about Desi interviewers also good. I went to one interview it was an in-person interview for contract position. When I saw interview schedule on mail, the interview with 2 Chinese women’s. So I thought I am not going to get the Job. In interview I explained with past experiences and they are asking about technical question. I explained answers with my experience. But I disappointed with the interview.
    After interview I called the vendor and explained about experience. After 10 minutes Vendor called me and they want go for second round interview. Vendor told me it in formal interview needs to meet with team.
    In the second interview they came with requirement document and asked to write test cases in front of them. After the interview I called the Vendor and I scold him why did you not inform me about the exam.
    Finally what I want to say, Desi’s also good but explain everything with confidence. Prepare for everything for like writing an exam.
    Just I want to say best of luck for job searching people.

  5. From Sravan:
    Mohan garu,

    What Bhargavi said applies to a lot of my friends and me too. Whenever a desi interviews another desi, that interview is going to be definitely a tough one. Most of the desi interviewers try to prove that they are smarter than the interviewees, instead of searching for the useful skills in the desi interviewee. I got my three jobs in the US when interviewed by a non desi. I got interviewed by at least 3 desis before that. If you answer a question they go deep. They keep going deeper till you cannot answer anymore. Then they smile. They don’t smile till that point. It is just not my experience. A lot of my friends’ experience too. I can say every one of my friends’ experience. So, it is definitely not stereotyping. It is an observation by a lot of people.

    Now I am in a position to interview others. I try not to make the same mistakes as they did.


  6. From one listener:

    Mohan garu,
    Na first interview lo apart from the technology related questions, soft skills related questions kuda adigaru, the commonly asked questions were…

    Q: How would you deal with your Team Lead or Manager, when he/she disagrees with your work, when in fact, the work you have done is exceptionally good and spotless?
    My Answer : Personally, I did not experience anything of that sort, but if I had been in that kind of situation, where I know I have done good work, but my boss feels that it wasn’t as good as he expects. I would initially tell him what i have done, and how I approached was, then definitely ask him what his expectations were from my task and if I feel my approach was good, i will try to convince him, but even if he was still adamant about his approach, i would say i will think about his approach, rather than arguing about my approach.

    Funny thing is, I liked this question so much, I keep asking the very same question when I am interviewing, the job applicants in my current job

    Q: What kind of challenges you have faced in your previous jobs
    Q: What are your weaknesses that you feel would be very influential on your work…and how do you overcome from that
    A; I tried to answer this question in a positive way saying that i do have certain weaknesses, but that weakness would become a learning lesson for my next task, so that i would overcome the weakness in the next task
    Q: How would you see yourself in the next five years