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Posted by on Jan 26, 2010 in Career, TG Roundup

Job Seekers, Pay Attention!

Perhaps this is the first really useful post I am contributing to this site. I received the following unsolicited mail from somebody I don’t even know.

Hi Friends,

This is [EDITED] completed M.C.A(EDITED)  in 2009 with 71.1%.I am Searching for the job on last 8 months ,but I do not successful.I am resenctly face AMDOC interview I throw the writen test,but i was fail in interview.I face any interview he said I will call u later.What happing the interview i don’t know.

Would you get any information about the fresher walk ins please forward my resume.

I attach my new formated resume and my cover letter also.

I have copied and pasted the mail as it arrived in my mail box.  The name of the person is irrelevant. If this is how this person first introduces himself to you, would you give him/her a job? I wouldn’t. Why?

This letter is poorly composed and is full of mistakes – in terms of formatting, typography  and spelling. In other words,  this person failed to make a good first impression to me. I would give him/her a second chance if I knew him/her. But, like many busy professionals I do not have the time or patience to deal with this person individually.

Unfortunately I get a lot of such e-mails. Several years ago I used to patiently respond to such e-mails and try to correct their English and their approach. I was spending a lot of time at it but it was going nowhere. Hopefully, through this article, I will communicate with 100s of young entrants into the job market.

  1. Pay attention to every detail in your English and the manner in which you compose your ice-breaking mail
  2. You will not get a second chance to make a good first impression.