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Posted by on Aug 8, 2011 in Social Issues, TG Roundup

An Appeal for Feedback on TeluGlobe

The silence is deafening.

I have been a regular participant on bulletin boards and/or blogs related to financial markets during the periods 1994-2000, and 2008-2009. During the 2000-2007 period, I was more of a silent observer, but I was doing all the catchup necessary to help me make better decisions at investing.

The last blogspot where I posted my market musings regularly was I lost interest in posting at that site as the non-profit stocktock has became for-profit outfit, That is when I decided to start a blog of my own where I can post my ramblings – on a variety of subjects. In addition to posting my own articles, I wanted to bring like minded people to engage in stimulating conversations. Furthermore, I expected this site to become a companion site for my TORi show.

When I was actively posting my musings at other sites, I was used to getting good feedback or challenges on my thoughts from several thousands who used to follow my articles. I learned a lot from that back-and-forth. Posting on TeluGlobe feels very different. On TeluGlobe, we have 800-1000 unique users on any given day, and over 15,000 unique visitors on any given month. Most of what I post are read by at least half of them. Yet, hardly anybody says something about things I consider as useful. I really wonder if this platform is effective in making people think. For that matter, I wonder if we are wasting our time.

Sorry folks, I cannot bring a Manchu Lakshmi to the table every day to get your interest up. But, on behalf of the regular posters at this site, I would say that we would like to hear from you about TeluGlobe and its content.

  1. Are my updates on economics and financial markets useful?
  2. What about those musings on politics, pop culture?
  3. How can this site be improved?

Please do comment and give us your feedback.




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    May 2011 15994 30871 245318 1381026 94.29 GB
    Jun 2011 15387 29580 243837 1284782 174.82 GB
    Jul 2011 14422 27531 166126 1000838 84.31 GB

  2. Mohan garu

    I am a regular listener of your TORI show for the last two years. I do not watch the entertainment section like those of NATS shows etc but i really like and read postings and updates on various financial issues, videos of offbeat interviews like Anna Hazare’s.

  3. 1. Its what I am looking for, and I wake up with your observations.
    2. I love them, the way you talk about Sarah Palin, giggles me
    3. Please bring back those opinion polls you used to post a year ago.

    Thanks for your contributions.

  4. 1. Absolutely.
    2. I like the relating to shows on Tori a lot (sorry for the very first example I could think of – the whole discussion about Manch’ammai).
    3. You can have more people write on Teluglobe, or have blog feeds from individual blogs so that they can be brought out to everyone visiting your site (than your readers finding the content by themselves).

    • You can have more people write on Teluglobe, or have blog feeds from individual blogs so that they can be brought out to everyone visiting your site (than your readers finding the content by themselves).
      Rama Rama, adenta pani. You are on the hook for writing on this blog. You now have author privileges! Now, start posting Rama garu! 🙂

  5. Well, people are more ensconced in thoughts about ‘manchu laxmi’ or ‘kompa munchu laxmi’ rather than the financial future of this globe or anything that really matters. 🙂 For my part I keep voicing my opinion as and when I have one.

    Your articles and posts are very informative so please do not refrain in getting them on here.


  6. Mohan Garu,

    I am a very immature guy to comment on your financial articles, Recently i started reading your posts about Stocks and Investments, as a silent reader and learner am trying to understand the market situation and never missed any article until today, the first thing i do after login to facebook is to look at your page for any new financial news.

    Thanks Mohan garu for constantly updating your site with useful content like helping UNVA students, career planning and some Interactive youtube videos and TORI Interviews.

    Sreedhar Chava.