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Posted by on Apr 24, 2011 in Telugu, TG Roundup


Sri Satya Saibaba died yesterday after battling for his life. The doctor’s did their best to save him , but couldn’t.

While I did not like his magical gestures, I became a fan of his charitable work. “Service to the humanity” is a godly quality. He is probably the best example of selfless service in the modern day. His service was without expectation, his trust provides services to folks from all religions.

Do you know him personally ? what do you think of him ? and finally whats next for the “Trust” that he created ?

Write your comments. Please keep them civil if you critique him.

Via eenadu
Click this link for a brief summary of the charitable work his trust did for the last 30 years.


  1. Defining “God” is a bit complex for us mortals. However he has done enough to the society to be respected. I guess it was some news paper that was putting a number to his wealth. He is worth $ 5 Billion on paper. And all that money is used for “Charity”.

    BTW, I was little surprised to see that his fan list includes Sachin, Gavaskar, Laxman, Yuvraj and Ratan TATA apart from the politicians.

    • Yes, on the service side we all have applaud him for what he did. I say he probably did better service than most of political parties including left parties who talk about serving the people. I hope his trust will uphold the same, without getting corrupt.

  2. Mohan garu,

    It is very difficult convince someone who believes in him that he is not God figure. I have few friends and relatives who are hard core followers. The nature of ‘belief’ is like that. It is like a binary 0 or 1! πŸ™‚

    It is good that you didn’t continue in the belief, otherwise I don’t know if we have had MMGL! πŸ™‚

  3. RIP !

  4. I did my 8-10 at a high school named after him. We were forced to do his bhajans. For brief period I was into that. An atheist friend of mine introduced me to hetuvada literature. The more I though about the stories of miracles performed by him, the less sense they made to me.

    One day during the Thursday Moral period during Sai bhajans, my friend and I were caught NOT chanting with the rest of the crowd. HM called us to her office. I was quiet, but my friend confronted her. “Why do we have to recite something we don’t believe in? What if I were a Muslim or Christian?”

    Surprisingly, the HM saw his point. After that, she did not force anybody to participate int he bhajans. But there was a rule to be silent and/or pray whoever the student liked. Not bad for open mindedness in the mid 70s.

    I don’t believe that he is God figure. But, I haven’t heard any major scandals about him. If the Trust did a lot of service without any scandals, all the power to them.