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  1. Daughters !!!!!!

  2. son

  3. Mostly fathers like daughters only. (80% of times). They do like sons when the son turns old and takes responsibilities of family. (Probably during the time daughter are in laws home 😀 )

  4. Daughters, of course!

    BTW Mohan garu, mee kotta photo bagundi

    • Ante paatha phot baagaa ledaa? 🙂 That was from when I was 22 or 23.

  5. daughters

  6. Very tricky one.

    Most Fathers that don’t have Boy child and only a Girl, would deeply long to have boys . Most mothers too feel the same. Don’t they not like their girl child !!? We can’t say that.

    There are lot of people I know of, who have single child. boy or girl didn’t really matter to them.

    Fathers that have both boy and girl children – They like Boys more for some reasons and the Girls more for some other reasons.

    So, I think the definition of “liking” changes person to person depending on the attibutes they apply to this feeling of liking / loving.

    Why should a gender of one’s own offspring really matter? It is like asking what you like most, your right eye or the left.

    • Gangadhar garu,

      Ayyaaa… idi uttutthi poll. Saradaaki chestunnamu. Marre antha serious ga analyze cheyyakandi. 🙂

    • Perfect answer..I totally agree with you Ganga garu.

  7. Fathers things from boys and girls.

    He would be happy if his son support when he old. He expects love from them and their family.

    He gives love to his daughters, because he is very concerned how she does when she is married. He is not that bothered how his son behaves, he is very particular about his daughter.

  8. And daughters like Dads much more….

  9. boys – ’cause it’s easy to raise by having similar interests.

  10. Daughters.

  11. Daughters

  12. Daughter

  13. Daughters